In addition to the multiple resources available through the larger company, our plant at Corsicana has a fully equipped laboratory and technology driven group that provides value added specialty chemical products. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality and high performing products for our customers.

Our group strives to be innovative.  We innovate on 4 levels. 

1.    Molecular Bending:  We describe our activities as “molecular bending” as we will create new molecules to provide the properties desired by our customers and a reasonable price for performance.  

2.    Formulation:  We have years of experience in semi-customer formulation of our base intermediates to provide the chemistry solutions to meet our customers needs.

3.    Manufacturing and sourcing:  We innovate at the process to achieve quality and economies of scale to provide our customers with the best price for performance.   We can provide end products, intermediates and base materials with the highest standards of quality for the end applications.

4.    Application testing:   The key to rapid and competent development of innovative products requires we can test the performance of new products in equipment that provides the most technically credible picture of how the product will improve our customers fluids. 

5. Labs and Personnel:   We have a fully equipped lab with state-of-art analytical services and testing equipment for the applications we develop.  Our goal is to provide the most complete, technically credible data package with every product we sell.